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Phillips Out At Last!

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

Jordan Aylward finally got the chance to debut his brand new HCD Superstox at Foxhall Stadium after months of preparation. Jordan works along side Dad Colin at HCD and together they built the car during their own time so it took a bit longer than usual, although lockdown helped giving him more time to do the finishing off jobs.

Amusingly this car is named Phillip (The Silver Fox) after Phillip Schofield as they both came 'out' at the same time!

Jordan has opted for the Zetec engine this time and says the car is not a lot different to his last car (which his brother Tommy now has) just a few small changes here and there.

After 2 years away Jordan is glad to be back racing and is committed to do as many meetings as possible.

I asked Jordan a few questions about his racing ;-

HCD - When did you start in Superstox?

JA- It was either April or May 2010

HCD - What's your favourite track?

JA - Eastbourne & Tullyroan

HCD - Most memorable race?

JA - The Scottish open 2018, I didn't think I had a chance after a rubbish weekends racing but everything just fell right, the 2017 European was also good!! (Jordan won it at Tullyroan)

HCD - Who's your biggest rival?

JA - Chopper (Dad Colin) purely because I want to beat him in every race lol

HCD - Who's your favourite driver in any formula?

JA - Rob Speak because of what he's achieved over the years

HCD - If you could race another formula what would it be?

JA - F2, definitely want to give it a go at some point

HCD - What are your racing ambitions?

JA - The same as everyones to win the Superstox world final! And to race an F2 lol

Jordan would like to thank all his sponsors who keep him on track, their help is much appreciated

The car looks stunning and is a credit to Jordan and Colin. Good luck!

Many thanks to Clive at Gridart for the majority of the photos, more great photos of all formulas can be found on the Gridart Facebook page.

Jordan & Dad Colin 'Chopper' Aylward on track

Jordan and Dad Colin 'Chopper' Aylward on track

Jordan always has a smile on his face! photo below from Alan Pirouet Photography

And it's even bigger when he's won! (Scottish Open 2018)

European Championship 2017

Jordans been a fan of Rob Speak from a very young age! (sorry Jordan!)

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