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Back In Black

HCD Boss Colin 'Chopper' Aylward is set to make a return to Superstox racing with Black Beauty #2 which he exhibited at the MWA Show in Peterborough back in February. Colin reverted back to the black colour scheme of his 2010 World Final winning car, the original Black Beauty, after an unanimous vote from his family!

Sporting a high wing Black Beauty #2 looks a lot different to Black Beauty #1, which is currently in the hands of 2018

English Champion Randal Lynn and having a major revamp here at HCD HQ.


Colin has also opted for a front beam axle in this car with some other new ideas being tested as well. The car got a lot of attention and positive comments at the show and we are looking forward to seeing Colin back out on track soon.

Colin would like to thank all of his sponsors for their support with the new car.

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