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Scottish Success

The Superstox were at lochgelly raceway for their European & Open Scottish Championships last weekend. The European was the first race and grid positions drawn out the hat, reigning champion 515 Jordan Aylward picked out grid position #3 and after getting pushed wide at the start he got in to second place, having a good battle with 177 on the way, unfortunately an engine misfire meant he had to retire on lap 6, Scotlands Stuart Gilchrist drove a great race and was a well deserving winner of the 2018 European championship.

Unfortunately despite changing several things the misfire was still there for the remaining 2 heats on Saturday, but Jordan showed what a great character he is by still smiling!

A wet Sunday, and the first race was the Open Scottish championship, the grid done by an incarace draw, with Jordan in his lucky grid position #5. Dan Roots 776 started in position #2 and got off to a great start ahead of 53 & 515 but was deliberately taken out by a backmarker, changing the positions to 53 515 196, the same backmarker then tried to take Jordan out, but Jordan only lost a place and was now in 3rd. 196 had got past 53 and 53 then took out 196 which enabled Jordan to get up the inside of both of them and take the lead. From then on it was plain sailing for Jordan and he took the Open Scottish Championship ahead of 119 and 265 Barry Stephen in 3rd, a great result for Barry who had started grid position 18 and got fastest lap of the race in the process.

The misfire was back for the next heat, Jordan did manage a 12th but pulled off in lap 7 of heat 2.

So the European was not to be but Jordan was very happy with the Open Scottish win as were his fans. Thank you to everyone for their support over the weekend!

All photos by Alan Pirouet Photography.

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