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Jody Griffin 284 is The 2017 Outlaw World Champion!!

On Saturday 23rd September 36 cars lined up for the 2017 Outlaw World Final at the Eddie Wright Raceway in Scunthorpe. Jody started on the inside of row 10 and despite a near roll over, crossed the line at the 2017 World Champion. We gave Jody a couple of days to let his win sink in before we asked him for a run down of the race, here's what he had to say:-

'I didn't have too bad a start, got through a few crashes and about 5 laps in all the leaders crashed out but I managed to squeeze through, the yellows came out and I was running about 3rd or 4th. Another yellow flag and I was in 3rd behind Ed Pannett (#36), it took me a few laps to get past him! I started to reel in the leader Wayne Armstrong (#936), the 5 lap board had just come out and I took the first opportunity I had to dive up the inside of him, but I ended up going over his bonnet and thought I was going to roll over! I landed with my foot flat to the floor and came out in the lead. The yellow flags came out with 3 laps to go and I got a good restart, but there was some flag jumping at the back of the grid so we had to do it again! I got another good restart and drove to the win. When I went over 936 bonnet I must have landed heavy and shattered the out side rear half shaft bearing because when I got back in the pits it just dropped to pieces, so I was very lucky!'

Massive congratulations from us all at HCD to Jody, Tony and team

The video of the race is available to watch on the Outlaw Oval Racing Facebook page.

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