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Alex Meadows, the next chapter.

With his car currently in the HCD workshop, we thought there was no better time to catch up with Alex and get some racing history and future plans information.

Alex with Pops and the wheel

Alex with 'Pops' in the driving seat




Woodbridge, Suffolk


Mandi - my long suffering partner, two boys, Archie and Charlie, Holly the dog too !

When did you first start racing?

2017 will be my 11th year, February 2006

Can you remember you first race?

Every lap ! Swaffham in the snow, I was spun out several times and spent a good deal of time on the infield In the Ministox, the only junior formula at the time

How did you get into racing?

I suppose it filtered down from Pops, the 1946 production car lap trial champion a mechanic for several Superstox drivers back in the day. We grew up going to meetings as a spectator with Dad, watching George Morphey and Diggy in the Lightning Rods. First Dad purchased a Lightning Rod, and Pops and Dad bought my first Ministox for me the following year. A very lucky boy indeed. For those who don't know him (and how could you not?) Pops is my grandfather.

Was there a driver who stood out to you in those days?

In Superstox, I can remember having sportsmans bets with Dad over who would place higher, Garry Sparkes or Ben Marjoram. Little did I know at the time that I would go on to race against both of them.

Going back to the ministox, what was your highlight or most memorable moment?

Without a doubt my first win, at Great Yarmouth. It took a year and a half but it was worth it !

Did you know back then you wanted to go into Superstox after the ministox? Not at all. We were living very much in the moment at the time, not thinking beyond the next Ministox meeting with my brother racing as well. When I approached sixteen, it was really a case of 'now what ?'. It was a process of elimination, looking for a fast contact formula under the Spedeworth banner. So you went straight into superstox at 16? I had a brief spell in Rookie Rods, as a stop gap, following more black flags than chequered it was clear that contact was the way to go for me. That makes sense, you've always been a driver who stands their ground! Thank you ! The contact element is what makes the racing exciting for me, it throws the results potentially wide open. Has there been any times when you have been on the receiving end of too much contact? I always try to be hard but fair, and generally, you get what you give and give what you get. What have been your highlights of the Superstox? My most memorable race was my first win at Ipswich, and the first in the HCD. A huge number of my friends and family attended, it was superb. Racing closely with my brother, swapping places lap after lap on a rainy night in Lochgelly will always be a great memory for me, despite the end result ! We took each other out ending what could have been a high finish in the championship race How did that go down with the team on the way home? Dad was not impressed ! But we ended up laughing about it, which is what it is all about. It is indeed, talking of your Dad, what do you think his proudest moment was, with having two sons racing? The wins, which were always hard fought and a reward for the countless hours that we poured into the cars. We were always hoping for a one-two finish, maybe in the future it will happen. We have to convince James to come back first. You're currently having your car altered so you can race it as an F2, what made you decide to leave the Superstox? I love the Superstox and would never rule out a return. Various reasons, I just feel the time is right to have some fun and take on a new challenge. I will miss racing at Ipswich, and a few more meetings there throughout the year could tempt me back ! Will you get more local meetings in the F2? Mildenhall and Kings Lynn fairly close, I think we will. I should say that I haven't seen the fixtures for either Superstox or F2 this year, but based on last year, we will. With a Northampton and hopefully a Coventry or two in the mix, it should keep us occupied for the season. So you're going to have a go on the tarmac as well as the shale? Predominantly shale, I think a second car would be required to compete on Tarmac but the European Weekend appeals greatly. Shale first, and we'll see what happens from there. Who's getting the job of washing the shale off the car? That will be a new experience ! Apprentice required I think ! When are you hoping to be out for your first F2 meeting? I would like to manage the Kings Lynn opener in March. As always, business and family take priority, but with a little luck we'll get there. James has sold his car, what's he doing now? I'm sure he will be around to help me on the tools, once he has secured a career following his university studies, we may well see him back out on track. Anyone you would like to thank or mention? Certainly. Mandi and the boys for backing me, and tolerating the racing ! My family who have always supported me, James, Mum and Grandma for the tea making and Dom for his diff changing services. Pops for logistics, support and enthusiasm. But most of all, Dad, without his unrivaled dedication and work behind the scenes that not only kept us on track and gave us such a wonderful opportunity growing up, but kept us close and gave my brother and I some wonderful memories, which are more important now than ever.

Alex and brother James with their father Andrew the driving force

behind the team who sadly passed away last year

Thank you Alex, now just for fun, 1 word answers only to the next questions!! Go for it ! Barry or George? Barry Speaky or Moodie? Moodie Smith or Wainman? Wainman Tea or coffee? Coffee Lager or bitter? Bitter Chinese or indian?

Indian Football or rugby Rugby Rock or pop? Rock Mini or merc? Haha ! Merc Cat or dog? Dog Dick or dom? Har har ! Dom 'the Dick' Freeman If you could swap places with someone for a day who would it be? That's the last question, honest! Hmm... Lewis Hamilton

HCD would like to wish Alex the best of luck in his F2 venture, if you see him at a meeting pop by and say hello, you will find some genuine people who always have time for others, with some great characters thrown in to boot...especially 'Pops'. Andrew Meadows is sadly missed around the tracks but his memory and charm lives on with this racing team.

Below are some pics of the progress on Alex's car so far:

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