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Keeping It In The Family

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

With both the Sturt brothers back on track again we thought we'd look into their family racing history.

Jake a plasterer (who’s been 21 for the last 10 years!) and Harry a builder (24), come from Leatherhead in Surrey. Their Grandad Mick Sturt, who sadly passed away last year, started racing in the production time trials at Wimbledon Stadium, he would take his three sons with him, drop them off in the stands, go and race and then collect them afterwards, he also raced Stockcars under the number 354, along with his brother George known as ‘Stallion Sturt’!


Below L-R. Grandad Mick, Dad Ian, Jake, Harry


Uncle Andy still races Stockrods and Dad Ian has over the years raced several formulas on both the ovals and circuits including Superstox, F2's and Hotrods, racing under number 354 on the ovals, and number 54 on the circuits, so the boys are keeping the family numbers well and truly alive with Jake using 354 and Harry 54.

Below. Some past cars of Dad Ian (courtesy of Jake)


Jakes 2020 HCD was on show at the MWA show in Peterborough back in February and at his first meeting at Eastbourne later that month he got a respectable 3rd place in the final. The next meeting was at Ipswich in March, just before lockdown, where he showed great pace and won the final. During lockdown Jake and wife Chloe became parents to baby Eric (who we look forward to seeing as the next generation racer in a few years time!) and at the first meeting back at Aldershot in July Jake admits that he really wasn’t feeling it, lack of sleep from night feeds and wanting to be at home with his family along with a dislike for the track made for a bad day! Back at Ipswich in August Jakes mojo was back and after coming 3rd in a heat he was promoted to the win after 1st and 2nd were taken out of the result, Jake went on to win the final in great style. The next meeting being the disliked Aldershot Jake decided to give a miss, just as well as Harry needed his seat to put in his car!

Below. Jakes 2nf final win at Ipswich


Harry brought Randal Lynns 2018 HCD earlier this year and decided to change from the Pinto to the Zetec engine which most peple are opting for now. He also gave it a totally new paint scheme in the the family colours, looking almost identical to Jakes, some people were fooled into thinking that Harry was racing Jakes car at the last Aldershot meeting but there are some noticeable differences, especially the bonnet with Harry going for a floral theme which he says is to do with a childhood memory (intriguing!)

Below. A very floral bonnet (photo by Clive at Gridart)

This was Harrys first meeting in his new car and he had no chance for practice or testing as he didn't have a seat until the Thursday before when he borrowed Jakes! He looked to have got the hang of it during the day as he went on to win the meeting final, his very first final win.

Below. Harry in Action at Aldershot (Photo by Petrolhead Images)

Harry says his favourite track is Ipswich and with Jake going well there too we look forward to seeing which brother comes out on top at the next meeting there! Good luck Team Sturt!

Below. Jake and Harrys immaculate cars (photos courtesy of Harry)


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