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Superstox Dash For Cash

Updated: May 18, 2021

We are organising a Dash for Cash race for the Superstox at an up coming Spedeworth meeting The last one we organised resulted in a £1000 cash prize for the winner! This time if enough money is raised we would like to do a cash prize for the top 3 and a cash prize for the first white and yellow top over the line. If you are interested in contributing to the prize fund (Any amount is appreciated! please contact us. More details of the date and format will be released when confirmed with Spedeworth.

Many thanks to the following people who have already added to the prize fund, much appreciated!

Colin Aylward - HCD

Gary Chisholm - Chisholm Motorsport

Dean Cox - Wheelspin Magazine

Mark Nottingham - Wisbech Breakers

Martyn & Nigel Coles - Colestec

Shaun Mayle - Chequers Scaffolding

Deane Wood - Spedeworth Motorsport

Les Waller - Scottish Fan

John Aylward - Racing Critic

Paul Frost - PF Travel

Dave Miles - Safari Engineering

John Mickel - Mickel Motorsport

Alex Meadows - Woodbridge Classic Cars

Billy Wood - Spedeworth Fabrications

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